NuGen’s Moorside Project in West Cumbria

The list below includes a record of advice we have provided for this project. For a list of non-project related advice, please go to the register of advice page.

There is a statutory duty, under section 51 of the Planning Act 2008, to record the advice that is given in relation to an application or a potential application and to make this publicly available.

Enquiry received via email
Can NuGen re-notify the Secreatray of State under ssection 46 of the Planning Act 2008?
Section 46 of the Planning Act 2008 states that developers of nationally significant infrastructure projects should notify the Secretary of State (SoS) about a proposed application. Developers have a duty to send the Secretary of State the same information as that sent to s42 consultees as the same time or before undertaking s42 consultation.
In terms of the evolution of the Moorside project, a significant amount of time has now passed from the original notification and you have informed us that there are new project investors and a reactor design has now been chosen. Also, some of the organisations on the original prescribed consultee list (APFP Regs Sch 1) have also changed or been abolished since the original s46 notification. In those circumstances a re-notification of the project would not be regarded as an unreasonable or incongruous procedural step.
If NuGen do intend to re notify the SoS I would advise you to consider carefully the point at which you wish to begin your formal consultation and therefore when you notify under s46. It would not be helpful in procedural terms if the SoS were subsequently to receive multiple s46 notifications. This could serve to confuse prescribed consultees and the communities affected.
For the avoidance of doubt, the section 42 consultation already undertaken could not be relied upon as formal consultation if you were to re notify the SoS under s46. It would be informal consultation.
Please see Advice Note 16 for further advice about notifying the SoS under s 46 of the Planning Act 2008.

27 January 2015
NuGen - Ben Olney
Enquiry received via post
response has attachments
Enquiry about how and when the impacts of the Moorside nuclear proposal will be dealt with by the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project application process. In particular, the impact on the A595 road (in conjunction with existing Sellafield traffic) and local healthcare provision in West Cumbria.
see attached letter

7 January 2015
Sadie Clarke
Enquiry received via meeting
response has attachments
Meeting to discuss NuGen's Moorside project in West Cumbria
Please see attached meeting note

17 December 2014
Ben Olney - NuGen
Enquiry received via meeting
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Meeting with NuGen to discuss project updates.
Please see the meeting note attached.

2 October 2014
NuGeneration Limited
Enquiry received via meeting
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Introductory meeting to discuss the proposed NSIP application for “The NuGen Project in West Cumbria”.
Please see attached meeting note

8 November 2011
NuGeneration Limited